Felicity Felicity
I’m onto you. Your peeks and coos
Your neck that turns like hers could do
And spins like a brass candlestick
Oh princess of unraveling
Glow silent, with explicity
Despite the alley siren lights

Whales come. Trains come
and go. Pine too.
What are they doing together
Through a ticket machine. And me
Not one to under stand the tree
In this city, Felicity
Beware. Il peut détruire la Terre

I raise a lid and scoff it off
Which puts her hazel frame in view.
Waves were then. I’m sure tempests too
But not in my knowing of then.
I can remember meeting stem
But soon breaks up the crown

I know I’m late, Felicity
Don’t worry about the delay.
I may bend up to switch you off,
Come down to hug a frigid cloth
Like steady kneading metal clanks
Healing, annealing, decay, day.