Jarringly lodged onto terranean dimensions, the clash and quake of a fractal being
The saccades of eyes of acumen, the salivation of tongues of apatite and disgust
Stares! Interwoven rings! Slithering vine slings! Six undulating bands of wings!
Assortments on every scale awkwardly rendered perceptible ever shifting ever beating
What angel now of nautical patterns from squid to seashells obtuse and irreducible
Ascended or fell to disembark and strike terrifying affect and awesome thunder
And make all else barren so focus is consumed to be frayed across cauldron of tar
Cast your wide eyes upon it in unyielding apprehension like you look upon the future
Whose mystery compels you to retreat into sleep to delay its contact
Only respite, tired, legs trembling, to abscond into claustrophobic metaverse
Fiery flying scorpion and viper! Lion’s manes and plunging rods! Clasping hands!
By collision of the geometric and irregular, the optimal posit of the prize is occludes